Dr. Yooson Kim (Morgantown, PA) - GLO Pro Whitening & ECO Balance VIDEOS!

"The issues we were having with previous in office whitening products in our office was mainly sensitivity...patients couldn't get through the whole treatment...."

"We are always looking for something that will be comfortable for the patients and that is easy to use....so when GLO came out...I had it done to myself and had some of my team members try it. What a difference! It worked....it brings out the beautiful natural whiteness of the teeth without having that fake whiteness and patients were comfortable with it and they loved it."

"Less sensitivity for the patients - little to no sensitivity for the patients."

"No impressions to take and it's fast...it takes half the time from what we were doing before."

"So much easier for the patients."


"I'm really excited about ECO Balance. There's finally a product on the market that I see results with."

"Patients who do everything....they do their homecare....and we're still seeing inflammation....that's where I really see ECO Balance really helping."

"Neutralizing the pH in the mouth so the bad germs can't do their bad things."

"What a result within a week!"

"I do believe ECO Balance is one of the most innovative products that is out there....it's not just for gingival health problems, it's also for patients who get a lot of decay...we're talking about changing the environment of the mouth."

"Hydrogen peroxide, sodium bicarb, and also Xylitol...bringing those ingredients together...raising the pH of the mouth, that is huge for me."

"ECO Balance and GLO should be standard of care."