5 Innovations Powering GLO’s Teeth Whitening Technology

5 Innovations Powering GLO’s Teeth Whitening Technology

A bright, white smile is a key to confidence. But traditional whitening methods can be time-consuming, uncomfortable, or even damaging. GLO Science steps in with a revolutionary approach, blending science and innovative design.

Here’s a closer look at the five key innovations that set GLO Science apart.

1. The Science of Heat Acceleration

It’s no secret that heat speeds up reactions. And Teeth whitening is a no exclusion of this rule. GLO Science applies this principle to its technology. When activated by the gentle heat from the patented mouthpiece, our specially formulated gel breaks down stains faster and more effectively, leading to quicker whitening results. But it doesn’t stop there. Unlike some methods, GLO Science ensures the heat stays within a controlled range, maximizing whitening power without causing discomfort or rebound.

2. Enclosed Warming Mouthpiece

Traditional whitening procedures often rely on bulky light sources producing uncontrolled heat while positioned outside the mouth. This not only requires uncomfortably high temperatures but also allows oxygen, crucial for activating the whitening gel, to escape. The result? Painful zingers, dehydration, and stain rebound.

GLO Science introduces an innovative solution with a patented, universal-size mouthpiece. This warming mouthpiece delivers gentle, controlled heat directly to the gel inside the mouth in a sealed environment. This optimizes whitening efficacy and minimizes dehydration and sensitivity, making the entire process more comfortable.

3. Hydrogen Peroxide Whitening Gel

When it comes to whitening power, GLO Science prioritizes both efficacy and safety. That's why we use hydrogen peroxide as the primary whitening agent. Here's why hydrogen peroxide surpasses the competitors:

  • Superior Stain Removal: Hydrogen peroxide effectively breaks down the double carbon bonds in stain molecules, leading to noticeable whitening results.
  • Faster Whitening: GLO's hydrogen peroxide formulations work quickly, delivering impressive results with each application.
  • Enhanced Safety: Hydrogen peroxide breaks down cleanly into water and oxygen, eliminating the need for harsh byproducts and preservatives found in some alternative whitening agents. This translates to a safer and more comfortable whitening experience.
  • Synergy With Heat: GLO's enclosed heat technology and hydrogen peroxide gel work seamlessly together. The heat accelerates the breakdown of stains, achieving even better results in a shorter time frame and with less concentration than other methods.

4. Compact and Minimal Design

GLO Science understands the needs of busy dental practices. That's why our whitening systems are designed with both patient comfort and efficient workflow in mind:

  • Compact Footprint: The incredibly small device takes up minimal space, easily transforming any treatment room into a whitening room in seconds.
  • No Impressions, No Hassle: The in-office kits eliminate the need for messy impressions, custom trays, and lab fees. This translates to a faster, more streamlined process for both patients and dental staff. Moreover, the at-home kits require zero chair time and are always ready to go.
  • Simple to Use: The intuitive design allows multiple team members to learn how to use the system, maximizing efficiency quickly.

5. Dual Whitening System

GLO Science recognizes that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to whitening. We offer a comprehensive whitening solution with options for both in-office treatments and at-home maintenance. This allows dental professionals to recommend the best course of action based on individual patient needs. Whether it’s enamel health, desired shade, or dietary habits, GLO empowers dental practices to personalize the whitening journey for each patient.  

With its innovative blend of science, technology, and patient comfort, GLO Science is at the forefront of teeth whitening solutions. GLO Science is worth exploring if you're looking for a safe, effective, and convenient way to achieve a brighter smile.

5 Innovations Powering GLO’s Teeth Whitening Technology

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