GLO Whitening Light Up Display - PRO POWER

This unique illuminated display is a powerful marketing tool for your practice and your whitening business. It will invite conversation wherever it is placed. Patients will notice it and inquire about it – giving you and your team more opportunities to have conversations about whitening, book more whitening appointments, and have more satisfied and happy patients who are thrilled with their beautiful, white, dazzling smiles!

Your display features the PRO POWER Wireless Teeth Whitening Device and a hold for GLO Science Professional Whitening Patient Brochure Cards (included).

Let your patients know that you offer GLO with this dazzling marketing tool featuring GLO technology!


Dentist Office Waiting Room Marketing

Teeth Whitening Marketing Ideas & Display


Place light up display in any waiting room or treatment room to spark a Whitening conversation with your patients.

What is the overall ambiance of your dentist waiting room, and how does it make your patients feel as they sit and wait for their appointment? It’s easy to overlook the importance of waiting room marketing and decor, but doing so could hurt your bottom line. Patients often spend a good deal of time in the waiting room and you can take advantage of this by creating a welcoming environment and putting out waiting room displays that speak to your clientele.   

From waiting room display tables to sparking the right conversations with your patients, we’ve got you covered with great marketing ideas for dentists. Learning how to market a teeth whitening business is just as important as learning how to properly perform the service. Luckily, with the right tools in place, this service can practically sell itself. 

How Do You Promote Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening treatments generate great income and don’t take much time, the key is getting a larger percentage of your patients to whiten and brighten their smiles. That all starts with learning how to market your teeth whitening business - and this magic can begin right in your office waiting room. 

Our GLO Whitening Light Up Display is the perfect addition to your waiting room, offering a beautiful backlit display that speaks to waiting patients - whispering it’s time to whiten your teeth. As a result of proper placement, this simple form of waiting room marketing gives office staff more opportunities to bring up teeth whitening services, it also gives patients the chance to ask about it when they might not otherwise.  

Who Is The Target Audience For Teeth Whitening?

While anyone can benefit from teeth whitening, the target audience is generally between 18 and 49 years old. Furthermore, females with an interest in wellness and beauty are your strongest audience members.  That’s a large percentage of the people who sit in your waiting room each day. That’s why it’s so important to make this space count with the right waiting room display and dentist marketing ideas. 

Is Teeth Whitening In Demand?

Teeth whitening remains in high demand and this demand is only expected to increase over the next few years. According to Global News Wire, the global teeth whitening market reached USD 6.86 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach USD 11.66 billion by the year 2030. 

What Is The Purpose Of a Waiting Room?

The purpose of a waiting room is to provide a comfortable and serene environment for patients to wait for their turn with the dentist. Around 36% of Americans say they experience some level of dental treatment anxiety and 12% say they have an extreme fear of the dentist. That’s why it’s so important for your waiting room to be filled with distractions and soothing ambiance. 

In addition, make sure patients have things to do. Keep your practice demographics in mind when selecting appropriate magazines, television programs, toys, and other distractions to adorn your waiting room. 

Remember, the waiting room is not only a place for patients to sit and wait, it’s the perfect space for a teeth whitening display table. Many patients would love to have a whiter smile and teeth whitening is an easy procedure that does not provoke the same anxiety as say, a root canal. Therefore, the right waiting room display can offer the perfect solution on how to market your teeth whitening business. A lit-up display that advertises teeth whitening is a great start, you could also add a few before and after photos of patients that’ll help spark intrigue and motivate patients to ask about how teeth whitening could benefit their smile. 

How Can I Make My Waiting Room More Inviting?

  • Add comfortable, modern furnishings. 

Do not create too sterile of an environment, focus on making the space inviting and comfortable. Warm lighting, pretty plants and flowers, and a cohesive color scheme will all help make your space more welcoming and relaxing. 

  • Provide entertainment 

Puzzles, magazines, newspapers, a television program playing with subtitles, these are all ways you can distract patients while making them feel more at home. 

  • Have good Internet access 

Make it easy for patients to access guest WIFI, especially if your office does not have the best Internet service. Many guests have apps, games, social sites, or even work they’d like to do on their phone while waiting for their appointment. Slow Internet access may frustrate patients and make the wait feel even longer. 

What Do Patients Want In A Waiting Room?

There’s no denying that patients will have to wait for their dental appointment - even if only for a few minutes. Patients covet good Internet access, a comfortable place to sit, something to do, and easy access to speak with someone who works there if they have any questions or concerns. 

What Are The Benefits Of Waiting Area?

There are many benefits of a waiting area. For one, it provides a space for patients to calm down and relax a little before their appointment. In addition, it gives you an area to strategically place dentist marketing displays such as a teeth whitening display table. 

What Are Waiting Rooms Called?

Other names for a waiting room include: 

  • Reception room 
  • Vestibule
  • Foyer 
  • Lobby
  • Antechamber 

How Do You Increase Dental Patient Acceptance?

The best way to increase dental patient acceptance is to create a positive experience for patients - which starts in the waiting room. In addition, it’s important to build a personal connection with your patients by asking them about their life and following up at each appointment on what’s going on with them and their family. Be upfront about costs and help patients come up with payment solutions so that they feel comfortable talking to you about payment plans in the future. In addition, cater the way you carry yourself based on the personality types of your patients. 

How Can I Increase My Dental Practice Revenue With Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is one of the easiest ways to increase revenue at your dental practice. The key is to apply the right dentist marketing tools, which include waiting room displays and knowing when to bring up the topic of teeth whitening with patients. For instance, by getting to know your patients you will be aware of any upcoming events such as a wedding, dance, or family photos that’ll prompt a stronger desire for teeth whitening. 

How Can A Dentist Get More Customers With Teeth Whitening?

Ways to retain more customers for teeth whitening include: 

  • Sharing before and after photos on social media 
  • Setting up a teeth whitening display table with eye catching marketing materials patients will notice and inquire about while waiting for their appointments. 
  • Make sure your customers know that you offer the service, as well as how affordable, quick, easy and non-invasive it is. 
  • Inform patients about different teeth whitening options that you offer, from take home kits to in-office teeth whitening. 

What Is The Average Dental Patient Retention Rate?

The average dental patient retention rate fluctuates between ten to forty percent. That means if a practice has 2,000 active patients they will lose around 200 patients a year, or 17 patients a month. 
You can increase your retention rate and improve your dentist marketing all at once by forming strong relationships with your patients, which starts with creating a comfortable and inviting waiting room. Get more patients to invest in their smile with teeth whitening using our GLO Whitening Light Up Display.  



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