GLO Motivational Teeth Whitening Shade Assessment Kit

ALL of your patients want whiter teeth - but most of them won't ask about it on their own. Integrating Motivational Shade Assessments into every hygiene visit lets you help each patient discover their full smile potential, leading to happier patients who take better care of their teeth, seek out more dentistry, and refer more new patients.

To get started and to accurately measure shade improvement, each treatment room must be equipped with a Whitening Shade Guide, which differs from a Standard Shade Guide by using the GLO tab system and GLO tab names, which classifies shades by light, medium, and darker.

Each kit includes:
- 1 GLO Motivational Whitening Shade Guide
- Pack of 50 Patient Shade Guide Cards
- "How To" Brochure Cards (in English and Spanish) and Training Video Link

With the help of the GLO Motivational Shade Guide, show your patients how GLO Whitening can transform their smiles! We recommend incorporating a Shade Assessment into every hygiene visit, which gives the professional an easy and comfortable way to make the patient aware of the shade of their teeth, track shade changes over time, and begin a whitening conversation.

Our GLO tab system classifies shades from light to darker shades, with GLO shades being the lightest shades that can be achieved through GLO Teeth Whitening treatments. 





Follow the instructions or watch the video below to learn how to integrate Motivational Shade Assessments into your practice.

 1) Clinician & patient identify current shade together.

"We‘re incorporating a new shade assessment service into every appointment at no additional cost. Teeth darken 2-3 shades every decade so it is important to document your current enamel color and also think about the future.


2) Patient selects desired future shade.

 “Have you ever thought about changing the shade of your enamel to look brighter & healthier? Which shade would you like to be?”


3) Clinician explains how GLO can let patient achieve desired shade.

“We have professional GLO technology that can lighten your smile in under an hour without sensitivity. Would you like to learn more?”






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