ECO Balance Gum Health Formulation - single

Go beyond brushing and flossing with ECO Balance. Clinically proven to reduce inflammation 8X better than brushing and flossing alone.

Brush with ECO twice a day on top of your regular toothpaste for lasting gum health, an exceptional clean mouth feel, powerful fresh breath, and whiter teeth. ECO is antibiotic free, alcohol free, SLS free, triclosan free, and stain free.

ECO Balance is a 2017 Gold Edison Award Winner for innovation. Get yours today - you’ll never want to be without it again!

Balances oral pH for a healthy and clean mouth, Reduces dental plaque, prevents decay, and promotes gum health*, Freshens breath, Gently whitens teeth

Water, sorbitol, propylene glycol, polyvinylpyrrolidone K 90, polyethylene glycol 300, silicon dioxide, isopentane, flavor, hydrogen peroxide, xylitol, poloxamer 188, potassium olivoyl hydrolyzed oat protein, cetearyl alcohol, glyceryl stearate, ammonium glycyrrhizate, dimethyl isosorbide, sodium bicarbonate, sodium metasilicate pentahydrate, ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, menthol, tocopheryl acetate, cetylpyridinium chloride, butylated hydroxytoluene, sodium hydroxide

• Use as directed by your dental professional; designed for long-term use.

• When using on a toothbrush, apply an equal amount on top of your regular toothpaste. Brush gently for two minutes. Repeat twice a day.

• When using with the GLO device, apply a thin strip to the mouthpiece, top and bottom; insert mouthpiece into mouth and turn on for one eight-minute session; gel will expand into a volumizing foam.

• Rinse nozzle with warm water and wipe dry after each use to prevent buildup and blockage.

• Children under 12 years of age: supervise use.

• Safe for crowns, implants, and aesthetic restorations.



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