Designed by dental experts, GLO Science dentist strength teeth whitening technology delivers unparalleled results without pain or sensitivity in a fraction of the time.

Optimal for Clinicians

1/3 Chairtime • No Impressions, Custom Trays or Lab Fees • Intuitive & Easy to Use • Compact, Portable Design • Turns Any Room Into A Whitening Room

Optimal for Patients

Brightest, Whitest Results • Quick & Comfortable • Full Range of Motion During Treatment • No Sensitivity, Pain or Downtime • Lasting Results With No Dehydration or Rebound

Forget Painful Outdated Clinical Whitening Methods

Uncontrolled, excessively high temperatures, bathing the roots in dentist strength whitening gel, and allowing oxygen ions to escape the surface of the tooth lead to inefficient whitening with undesired side effects including dehydration, rebound and pain.

Get The Modern Way To Whiten

Our patented illuminating heat mouthpiece places controlled gentle warming heat directly against the gel surface inside the mouth, creating a pleasant, warm sealed environment to maximize efficacy while also preventing dehydration and sensitivity.

The Science of GLO

The GLO Science difference lies in the innovative combination of a controlled warming heat mouthpiece and specially formulated dentist strength hydrogen peroxide whitening gel that uses premium, clean ingredients for maximum safety, efficacy and comfort.


Step 1

Specially Formulated Whitening Gel

Step 2

Relaxing Illuminating Heat Acceleration

Step 03

Happy Clinician
GLO-ing Patient

Unbeatable Results Patients Can ONLY Get At The Dental Practice

A complete GLO session takes just 16 minutes of total treatment time and can whiten up to 12 shades without rebound or sensitivity.

Patients can't get results like these anywhere else.


Become A Destination Dental Practice

When you offer patients the premier whitening experience, you give them a reason to look forward to their next visit and tell their friends!

Patients who enjoy whitening also take better care of their teeth and pursue more dentistry.

Let us share more!


Frequently Ask Questions

Offering professional teeth whitening services and kits is a smart way to boost revenues for your practice. When you choose a partnering teeth whitening brand, you’ll want to make sure you work with the best. You’ll want a brand that delivers the best results, offers easy treatments, and, most importantly, cares about its practices. So, who provides the best professional teeth whitening kits for dentists and their patients? Keep reading to find out.
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New Technology In Cosmetic Dentistry 2022

Technology has integrated itself into just about everything we do. For most of us, technology has created new opportunities for our personal and professional lives. New technology in cosmetic dentistry has the ability to change the lives of millions, if not billions, of individuals in pursuit of a smile they can confidently flash. Laser teeth whitening technology is just one of the many technological advancements that continue to get better and better. Just one smile can brighten someone's day, so just imagine how many days you could brighten with a smile you love to share. Keep reading to learn more about new teeth whitening technology that can deliver unbeatable results.

What Is The Newest Dental Technology?

Laser teeth whitening technology is one of the latest advancements in dental technology. While laser teeth whitening is safe, it may come with a few side effects. Side effects can include sensitivity, gum irritation, or damage. Patients always want a bright white smile but without the side effects. With that being said, there's only one brand that uses gentle heat and light technology to whiten teeth in a fraction of the time with zero sensitivity or pain. GLO Science Professional teeth whitening technology delivers unbeatable results for patients with ⅓ the chair time. As a 4x Edison Award Winner, GLO Science Professional teeth whitening is the most advanced teeth whitening method that practices can offer.

What Are The Latest Trends In Cosmetic Dentistry?

Some of the latest trends in cosmetic dentistry include dental implants, 3D printers, robotics, and teeth whitening with LED lights. Not all patients have the same dental goals, so it's important for your practice to stay up to date with the latest technology. With the teeth whitening industry in high demand and growing, it's especially important to offer the best services for patients.

What Is The Most Popular Cosmetic Dental Procedure?

Undoubtedly, teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dental procedure. It's fairly low cost for patients with quick treatment time and impactful results, thus making it highly desirable. For practices, it's also a low-cost service that can turn high profits. By offering the most advanced teeth whitening technology, you can boost sales and attract new patients. There's plenty of competition in the teeth whitening space, so you'll need to make an effort to educate patients and potential patients about why they should choose your practice. By parenting with GLO Science Professional, making your practice a top choice will be that much easier.

What Is 3D Printing In Cosmetic Dentistry?

3D printing is one of the latest trends in cosmetic dentistry, as you probably already know. 3D printers utilize a laser or light that polymerizes a liquid with computer-guided precision. They are then used to produce small objects with intricate details. When using 3D printers, there are usually four steps in the workflow: scan, design, print, and prepare. In dentistry, 3D printers can be used for replacing or repairing a damaged tooth, creating orthodontic models, producing bridges, caps, and crowns, and constructing surgical tools. Although, the use of 3D printers is constantly growing as technology advances.

What Are Examples Of Cosmetic Dentistry?

Just for clarification, some of your regular dental procedures are considered cosmetic dentistry. A few examples of cosmetic dentistry include. . .

Teeth whitening Dental veneers Dental bonding Dental crowns Dental implants Inlays and Onlays

Why Is Cosmetic Dentistry So Popular?

In recent years we've seen cosmetic dentistry, and cosmetic procedures in general, become increasingly popular. The rise in demand can be attributed to technological advancements that have made services more affordable. For example, GLO Science Professional teeth whitening allows practices to whiten teeth with ⅓ the chair time. With less time, they can offer the service for less money if they choose. The key is to always find ways to drive profits and patient satisfaction up without taking away from patient and doctor relationships. You want to deliver a personalized experience for every patient. Cosmetic procedures allow patients to correct physical features that have been bothering them, maybe for their entire life. Whether the features are causing discomfort or are just visually unappealing, they can be corrected with cosmetic dentistry.

How Does Laser Cosmetic Dentistry Work?

Laser cosmetic dentistry can be used for procedures such as teeth whitening, cleaning, and reshaping. Laser treatments can remove the need for an anesthetic and decrease the chance of pain and discomfort after treatment. During laser treatments, concentrated beams of light energy (lasers) produce heat (energy) which is used to perform treatment. Lasers used for teeth whitening enhance the effect of tooth-bleaching products. Lasers used for surgical and dental procedures cut and vaporize tissues they come in contact with.

Latest Teeth Whitening Technology Advances In Cosmetic Dentistry

Technology in the teeth whitening industry has created safer and more efficient ways to whiten teeth. As demand continues to grow, companies continue to dedicate their mission to discovering better ways to perform cosmetic dentistry. At GLO, our mission is simple - to empower more people with healthy, confident smiles.

With patients and practices at the core of GLO's mission, the science of GLO is where the difference lies. We use an innovative combination of a controlled warming heat mouthpiece and specially formulated hydrogen peroxide whitening gel. Our whitening gel uses premium, clean ingredients for maximum safety, efficacy, and comfort and is made in the USA. It is also vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free. With just 16 minutes of total treatment time, you can maximize the number of patients you treat daily. It's also a great selling factor to let the patient know how quickly teeth whitening can be done. By partnering with GLO you can make a bigger footprint in the cosmetic dentistry space without a huge investment. In addition, we'll help provide marketing information to educate customers and bring them back to your practice for teeth whitening services.

What Is Used In Dentist Strength Teeth Whitening?

As a professional in the dental industry, you’ve probably used a variety of products for teeth whitening. Some are more straightforward to use than others, and some are more effective than others. While the base of most products is a peroxide-based bleaching agent, the results and applications can vary. As technology advances, professionals can move away from outdated teeth whitening methods that use high-intensity heat lamps and require long exposure times. Outdated methods can actually damage teeth and surrounding areas.

Professionals should use GLO Science Professional Teeth Whitening to deliver the whitest results while avoiding damage to the teeth or mouth. GLO Science Professional Teeth Whitening features an illuminating heat mouthpiece that places controlled gently warming heat directly against the gel surface inside the mouth. With just 16 minutes of total treatment time, you can deliver an enjoyable experience while preventing dehydration and sensitivity.

Is It Worth It To Get Your Teeth Professionally Whitened?

Patients are often apprehensive about paying for professional teeth whitening services. They often believe that they can pick up teeth whitening supplies at their local drug store for a fraction of the cost. While this is true, it may not deliver results as quickly as they desire. As a professional, take time to educate patients as to why it is worth it to get your teeth professionally whitened. Consult with them about concerns, both personal and financial. Some practices even offer financing to help overcome the cost objection. Quality at-home kits can certainly deliver results, but they can take longer to deliver results and may not last as long. No teeth whitening is permanent though, so be sure to manage patient expectations properly.

What Is The Best Brand For Professional Teeth Whitening?

Undoubtedly, GLO Science Professional Teeth Whitening Kits are the best, from the technology to the results. As a 4x Edison Award winner with 31 patients, GLO is proven to be the best. GLO is an FDA-registered and dentist-approved professional teeth whitening kit created by the top aesthetic dentist in New York City. With in-office and at-home treatment options patients can experience a pain-free and affordable teeth-whitening experience. In addition, results can deliver up to 12 shades brighter without dehydration or rebound.

Does Professional Teeth Whitening Last?

In most cases, professional teeth whitening lasts about one year. However, results can vary depending on several factors such as lifestyle habits such as smoking and diet. Genetics and age can also influence results. For patients to receive the best results they should get professional teeth whitening 1-2 times per year in a dental practice. Patients should also do monthly touch-up sessions at home to prolong results in between treatments. Patients can purchase GLO Science Professional’s at-home kits at your practice for touch-ups.

How Can I Get Super White Teeth Fast By A Professional?

Dentists that use GLO Science Professional Teeth Whitening can whiten teeth with just 16 minutes of total treatment time. Time is valuable for you and your patients. By delivering fast treatments with unbeatable results, you can improve customer satisfaction while increasing efficiency.

Is Laser Whitening Better Than Bleaching?

Laser whitening and bleaching are very similar. The most noticeable difference is the cost and timeline for results. In most cases, laser whitening is more expensive.

Can Yellow Teeth Be Professionally Whitened?

Professional teeth whitening can easily lift stains and discoloration from teeth. With GLO Science Professional, you can whiten teeth by up to 12 shades. If a tooth is dead, it may require a veneer replacement. As a dentist, offering one-on-one consultations for patients is important to determine the appropriate treatment. Consultations also provide the opportunity for you to manage patient expectations, so they know exactly what to expect.

How Do People Have Such White Teeth?

Ultra white teeth are often veneers that sit on top of teeth. You may know that, but your patients may not. Therefore, when they come in requesting teeth whitening, they may have unrealistic results in mind. As a professional, it’s important to educate patients and explain options. Some patients naturally have whiter teeth than others, but nobody has perfectly white teeth naturally. To keep teeth as white as naturally possible consults about routine hygiene practices that can keep teeth clean, healthy, and white.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Your Teeth Professionally Whitened?

Pricing teeth whitening services competitively is important. But even more important is using quality products, delivering top-notch service, and equipping patients with information that allows them to confidently make a decision that can earn you more money. By partnering with GLO Science Professional, you can deliver better and faster results than your competition. Educating customers about the technology behind GLO can be a big selling point too. Professional teeth whitening can range from $300 to $1,400.

How Many Shades Can Teeth Be Whitened At The Dentist?

The number of shades teeth can be whitened professionally depends on the product and the individual patient. GLO Science Professional can whiten teeth by up to 12 shades.

How Much Does It Cost To Whiten Teeth At The Dentist?

Professional teeth whitening at the dentist can range from $300 to $1,400. When setting prices, be sure to check out local competitors. It’s important to know what differentiates your practice so you can highlight those features to patients.

What Is The #1 Teeth Whitening Used By Dentists?

Dentists all over the country rate GLO Science Professional Teeth Whitening #1. With ⅓ the chair time, no harsh side effects, no impressions, no trays, and no lab fees, GLO can help grow your practice. The system is easy to administer, leaving staff happy, and treatment time is only 16 minutes, leaving patients happy. GLO’s patented illuminating heat technology is often imitated but never replicated. It’s the ONLY teeth whitening with a controlled illuminating heat mouthpiece for the fastest results and optimal patient comfort. GLO is proudly offered in 5,000+ dental practices. Check out reviews from dental professionals and real results here.

Created by the top aesthetic dentist in New York City, GLO is FDA-registered and dentist-approved. In 3 easy steps, you can get your teeth professionally whitened and leave the dental office with no pain or sensitivity. . . that’s a first. Our 3 step process includes: #1. Specially formulated whitening gel #2. Relaxing illuminating heat acceleration #3. GLO!

Is GLO FDA registered?

Yes, the GLO Science Professional Teeth Whitening Device is a class 1 medical device and has been registered with the FDA.

What kind of whitening gel does GLO use?

GLO Science Professional offers two strengths of specially-formulated in office teeth whitening gel. 24% hydrogen peroxide (for younger patients and those who are prone to sensitivity) and 30% hydrogen peroxide which is the default for most patients. The concentration of the hydrogen peroxide whitening gel included in GLO Pro At Home teeth whitening kits available exclusively through the dental practice is 10% HP.
GLO Science only offers hydrogen peroxide whitening formulations that are made in the USA with clean ingredients because it is the proven gold standard for teeth whitening safety and efficacy and breaks down cleanly into oxygen and water. GLO never uses carbamide peroxide which breaks down into urea and ammonia and is only 1/3 as effective as hydrogen peroxide at equivalent concentrations (10% Hydrogen Peroxide = 30% Carbamide Peroxide).

What is the shelf life of GLO whitening gel?

Because of GLO's specially designed air-tight packaging, our whitening gel has a 24 month shelf life at room temperature.

Can patients swallow while the mouthpiece is in their mouth?

Yes, patients should swallow as they normally would while whitening. The whitening gel will stick to their teeth until it evaporates.

How many times can I autoclave the autoclavable mouthpiece?

The autoclavable mouthpiece has been tested to exceed 25 autoclave cycles of 18-minutes each. To avoid discoloration, we recommend autoclaving the mouthpiece alone, without any other instruments present. Replace your autoclavable mouthpiece when visual inspection indicates replacement is needed.

Let GLO help you do what you do best. . . make patients smile!
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