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GLOpinions: Stories of Smiles Transformed

I am loving this product.

"I am loving this product. I have been a dental assistant for 32 years and this is the 1st product I have found that works great for me. I normally have major sensitivity and would need stop using. I have used this product 8 times with no sensitivity yet. I noticed a difference after the 1st time I used it. The packaging is a plus as well. So easy to use!."

Megan M.

So Easy to use...

“Easy to use and fantastic results ! Highly recommend !.”

Lisa C.

I was so impressed by

“I was so impressed by how professional and beautiful the kit was! A great take along kit that can come along with you on vacation or special events. Loved it!”

Lynn P.

Dental Hygienist

"This is the best Professional whitening product! My teeth have never been this bright and white with anything I have ever used. I have used it all as an RDH. I am a raving fan. Thank you GLO Science for your technology. Recommending to all my patients."

Mary R.

I absolutely love Glo. So

"I absolutely love Glo. So easy to use and the results are incredible!"

Whitney W.

Get A Transformational Teeth Whitening Treatement Near You!

Experience the future of teeth whitening with GLO Professional Teeth Whitening dentist near you. Our modern technology combines specially formulated whitening gel with advanced heat technology in a patented universal-sized mouthpiece for a quick and highly effective teeth whitening procedure.

Connect with a Teeth Whitening Professional near you!

Get closer to your brightest smile by connecting with an expert teeth whitening dentist near you. Discover a foolproof professional teeth bleaching procedure that will revamp your whitening experience, provided by a certified GLO Dental Practice in your area. Let GLO Innovative Technology ensure your smile shines its brightest.

What is GLO in-office teeth whitening procedure?

GLO Professional teeth whitening procedure enables you to achieve up to 12 shades whiter teeth in only 16 minutes — Sensitivity Free!

● Your GLO Dentist will help you assess your desired shade
● Apply our specially formulated GLO Gel on your teeth
● Start a relaxing 16-minute illuminating session

Voilà! Wear your Smile Confidently!

And, for a Long-Lasting Bright Smile —

Ask your Dentist about GLO At Home Teeth Whitening

GLO Professional At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit is your powerful tool to extend your brightest smile even further, up to 10 shades whiter, with 16-minute sessions for 4 days in the comfort of your home. Or, supercharge your smile between visits with GLO Teeth Whitening Vials. These pro-strength vials are your secret to fast touch-ups and effective stain removal.

- And did we mention it’s ALL Sensitivity Free?

Say goodbye to teeth sensitivity and discomfort with our revolutionary GLO Teeth Whitening Gel and cutting-edge Advanced Heat Technology. Experience the swift and gentle heating of the gel for rapid whitening without any pesky pain or sensitivity side effects.