Transforming Lives.

One smile at a time.

At GLO Science, we believe that everyone deserves a healthy, bright smile they are proud to share. Unfortunately, many people don't have access to the essential dental care and services that they need in order to make this a reality. A lack of dental care can lead to lifelong health problems and negatively impacts overall quality of life. Read on to find out how the GLO Good Foundation gives back by providing free oral health care and education to communities around the world. Each smile transformation we provide brings us one step closer to ensuring healthy smiles for all.

Did you know?

Our Oral Health Care Mission In Action


Founded by philanthropic entrepreneurs, Dr. Jonathan B. Levine and Stacey Levine, the GLO Good Foundation sends fully equipped teams of dental and medical professionals to build and staff full service clinics in underserved communities around the world. GLO Good has recently completed missions in Rwanda, United States, and Eleuthera, Bahamas.

Our Mission

We donate a portion of proceeds to provide free dental care through the GLO Good Foundation. So every time you give a patient a GLO-ing smile, you become our partner in giving the life-changing gift of a happy, healthy smile to someone who doesn't otherwise have access to dental care. 

5000+ Smiles and Counting

The GLO Good Mission is simple - to enable more people to smile in health and confidence. By providing free dental care, GLO Good transforms lives and spreads hope. GLO Good missions focus on providing dental services and education to communities who otherwise would not have access to care and take place in the US and around the world.

"Our mission is simple - to empower more people with healthy, confident smiles. To be able to smile freely and without pain or shame makes it possible to laugh, to sing, and to connect with others. Everyone deserves to share their smiles with the world."


Donated Dental Services: GLO Good
The GLO Good Foundation is dedicated to giving back to underserved communities. Our foundation has recently completed missions in the United States — as well as in Rwanda and the Bahamas. In these missions, GLO Good sends teams of fully equipped dental professionals to provide free oral health care and donated dental services. GLO Good has served thousands of people all over the world, providing healthy and happy smiles and improved oral and overall health and wellness.

GLO Good Foundation: Giving Back to Communities
GLO Science donates a portion of every purchase to provide donated dental care through the GLO Good Foundation because — as we say in our mission statement — we believe that the ability to smile freely, without pain or shame, is an inalienable right. With your purchase of any GLO Science Professional product, you'll help make someone's smile brighter and healthier — because everyone deserves a bright, healthy and confident smile!

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