GLO Good


GLO™ Good is a global mission committed to helping victims and the under-privileged everywhere by empowering them with the tools, education, and knowledge of self-worth they need to smile more often.


In August 2011 Dr. Jonathan Levine and Stacey Levine launched the GLO Good Foundation, an oral health initiative with the mission of building oral health initiatives in underserved populations globally.

To launch the program, GLO Good joined forces with Foundation Rwanda - an incredible organization that supports women who survived the Rwandan genocide and their children. As board members of Foundation Rwanda, Jonathan and Stacey felt that providing care to Foundation Rwanda beneficiaries was a perfect jumping off point for GLO Good.

Jonathan and Stacey first visited Rwanda two years ago, also in conjunction with Foundation Rwanda, and were incredibly impacted by the country and the people and learned about the urgent need for good oral healthcare in Rwanda.

Dr. Levine, always passionate about helping under-served populations gain access to oral care, felt they could not leave Rwanda without making a promise to come back to help. Two years later, with the nationwide launch of their GLO Science brand for leading at home oral care innovations, Stacey and Jonathan launched the GLO Good Foundation along with members of the practice and GLO with a trip to Rwanda as the initial step.

Moving forward, GLO Good aims to build oral health initiatives in under-served populations globally by providing the tools needed such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss, and mirrors for oral cancer screenings, educating families on the importance of taking care of their oral health, and training local dentists to facilitate the delivery of care when needed. We are excited to share this meaningful mission with you. We welcome your thoughts and look forward to changing lives, making more people smile and to building awareness of how important your smile is to you and to your health.

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