Can GLO Science whitening improve patient experience and elevate your practice?

See how easy in-office whitening is with GLO.

We think it can.


With GLO, dental professionals are able to provide patients a premium teeth whitening experience that gets great results, boosts revenue, drives patient satisfaction, and is easy for everyone to use. GLO makes it easy for you to provide patients bright and healthy smiles with the teeth whitening they want, so you can focus on the care that they need.

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The best referral for your practice is a bright, beautiful smile.

What Practices Are Saying About GLO



"We are always looking for something that will be comfortable for the patients and that is easy to when GLO came out...I had it done to myself and had some of my team members try it. What a difference! It brings out the beautiful natural whiteness of the teeth without having that fake whiteness and patients were comfortable with it and they loved it."


Dr. Yooson Kim

Family Dentistry Morgantown



"In our practice, we've always used the best of the best... everyone that wants straight teeth, also wants white teeth. When patients come in and they ask me, 'what else can I do to change the color of my teeth,' the first thing we're talking about is GLO."


"My favorite part about the GLO procedure is doing this at the end of treatment. Patients now have a nice, straight pretty smile, and now the icing on the cake is adding that nice bright white smile on top of it."


Dr. Zach Casagrande

Northern Virginia Orthodontics

How does GLO provide a better experience in your practice?

Patient Satisfaction

Fact: your patients want whitening. Now you can offer them a treatment without all the compromises. They'll look good and feel better, and so will your practice.

Easy to Use

No strips. No molds. No trays. No hassle! Just the best professional whitening. Period.


Less than one hour of chairtime for an in-office treatment, and no additional chairtime required for take home, with results in as few as 5 days.

Marketing Tools

Turnkey marketing tools and educational techniques make it easy to start the whitening conversation with any patient.

Real Results

GLO whitening experts will show you how to get the best results. Most patients see improvement of 5 to 12 shades - with no dehydration, no rebound, and no pain.

No Sensitivity

GLO Science uses gentle warming heat to accelerate specially formulated whitening gel for faster whitening without painful sensitivity.

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