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Offer patients the best teeth whitening experience with a system that is easy to use and provides beautiful results without painful sensitivity. GLO also provides easy to use marketing tools to make selling effortless, so you can increase your whitening revenue quickly and easily. Now everyone has a reason to smile more. Let's get GLOing.

  • Lasting results with little to no treatment sensitivity
  • Less chairtime - just one hour for in-office treatments and no chairtime for take home
  • Easy to use - no more labs, molds, or trays
  • Customizable treatment options

    Why more dentists choose to GLO!

    The demand for cosmetic dentistry is greater than ever. GLO helps dental practices who are committed to providing their patients with an effective, enjoyable, and pain-free teeth whitening experience, using the latest innovation in teeth whitening technology. When patients see how beautiful their smiles can be, they look forward to coming to the dentist, and naturally become more invested in their oral health.

    Dr. Yooson Kim explains how GLO made it possible to offer teeth whitening to her patients that is comfortable and easy to use.
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    Can your professional whitening do this? Most patients see improvement of 5-12 shades - no dehydration, no rebound, no pain.

    Start Shade: A2

    End Shade: OM1

    Regimen: Four 8-min passes of 24% HP

    8 shades whiter!


    Start Shade: A1

    End Shade: OM2

    Regimen: Three 8-min passes of 24% HP

    5 shades whiter!


    Start Shade: C3

    End Shade: A1

    Regimen: Two 8-min passes of 30% HP

    12 shades whiter!