GLO POWER+ Autoclavable Mouthpiece

Featuring patented GLO illuminating heat mouthpiece technology. Increase the number of whitening sessions you can conduct daily, eliminating the need to wait to autoclave the single mouthpiece after each use by purchasing additional mouthpieces. We recommend having 3 mouthpieces per control to always be ready - One mouthpiece comes with the in-office tech kit.


What’s Included:

1 Autoclavable LED Illuminating Whitening Mouthpiece & Case.

*Recommended to set autoclavable at 121ºC / 250 ºF for 30 minutes.

*GLO POWER+ In Office Whitening Treatment sold separately.

*Replace the mouthpiece after it has been used for a maximum of 12 patients, with a recommended replacement after 6 patients

The benefits of finding a great teeth whitening mouthpiece for your practice are endless. You need something that works quickly, effectively, and can be performed in any room without a bunch of specialized equipment. Look no further than the Glo Pro Power+, which offers in office teeth whitening technology like none other. Plus, it is affordable to purchase additional replacement autoclavable mouthpieces so there is always one available in each room of your practice. 

How Do You Whiten Your Teeth With A Mouthpiece?

In general, a solution is placed inside of a teeth whitening kit mouthpiece and then placed over the teeth to whiten and brighten a patient’s smile. The GloScience Pro mouthpiece is super simple to use, a brief outline of the process goes as follows: 

  1.  Begin by determining the shade of your patient’s teeth and then discuss their desired shade. Don’t forget to take their before pictures! 
  2. Use our universal mouthpiece, which is great because no molds need to be taken. In fact, patients can experience results in the same office visit because there is no reason to wait for a mold to be taken. The flexible design of GloScience Pro’s mouthpiece ensures it fits just about any mouth and can be adjusted as needed. 
  3. Apply white pumice to the patient's teeth, avoiding the use of any prophy paste or fluoride. 
  4. Apply pressure to the ends of the GLO cheek retractor together and insert one side into the mouth so that the GLO logo is showing and resting on top of the patient’s tongue. 
  5. Air dry gingiva and then apply GLO gingival barrier to gingival margin (and CEJ). Begin with the upper arch and then proceed to the lower arch.  
  6. Apply gauze to top and bottom lip vestibules. 
  7. Use our specialized GLO lip care on your patient’s lips using a fresh cotton swab. 
  8. Apply around 2-3mm of the whitening gel to each tooth. 
  9. Secure the LED GLO teeth whitening kit mouthpiece over your patient’s teeth and begin the 8 minute teeth whitening process! 
  10. After removing the mouthpiece, use a surgical suction to discard any whitening gel that is left behind. 
  11. Make sure the gingival barrier is still in place and remove any extra H2O gel before reapplying GLO professional whitening gel.
  12. It’s time to start the second 8-minute teeth whitening session! 
  13. When the final session ends, carefully remove the retractor, barrier, and all gel. Then, take after photos and share results with your patient. 
  14. Send your patient home with GLO Pro’s specially formulated at-home teeth whitening trays so that they can continue building on their results.

Do Whitening Trays Work?

Not all teeth whitening trays work the same or provide the same results. We can’t speak for all dental whitening trays, but we can vouch for the GLO Pro Power+, which just happens to be the #1 professional dental whitening tray. The 4 Edison Awards our product has received speak for themselves. In addition, the process is pain-free and can brighten a patient’s teeth by as much as 12 shades. 

GLO Science Pro was created by a top New York City aesthetic dentist who was looking to help patients experience better results and a brighter smile without the drawbacks sometimes associated with teeth whitening procedures. For instance, pain and sensitivity are all too common following the use of teeth whitening trays, but thanks to the science behind GLO Pro Power+ this doesn't have to be the case anymore. 

How Much Are the Best Dental Whitening Trays?

The cost of dental whitening trays will pay for themselves in no time. Here are several reasons dental whitening trays are more affordable for your practice than outdated bleaching lamps: 

  • Patients will see results 6x times faster. In fact, it will take ⅓ of the same time in the patient chair to see the same, if not better,  results. 
  • There is an 87% cost savings in equipment alone! 
  • No dehydration, rebound, or zingers means your patients are happier and your job is easier. 

Contact us today for an exact cost breakdown. 

Do Whitening Trays Damage Teeth?

While traditional methods for whitening teeth are known to strip down enamel and damage sensitive teeth, the latest technology in our teeth whitening kit mouthpiece allows patients to see great results without incurring the same damages. Our specialized LED teeth whitening kit mouthpiece gets the job done faster, reducing the risk for damage and sensitivity. 

In addition, using at home DIY teeth whitening trays may damage teeth because there is the risk of an improperly fitted mouthguard allowing hydrogen peroxide to get on teeth and damage gums, especially recessed gum lines. In addition, it can be difficult to mix the proper solution that is recommended as safe by the FDA and ADA when whitening teeth at home. The guesswork is taken out by having the procedure done in office. 

Are Custom Whitening Trays Worth It?

Custom teeth whitening trays offer benefits but they take time and money to produce. Our adjustable universal teeth whitening kit mouthpiece is flexible enough to mold to just about any mouth. Removing the time consuming and often expensive process of having to be fitted for and then order custom whitening trays. 

Are Dentist’s Heated & Lighted Mouthpieces For Whitening Worth It?

There are many benefits to heated and lighted teeth whitening mouthpieces. The light and heat work together to expedite the reaction rate of the whitening gel. As a result, patients get a boost of whitening oxygens in a shorter time span. As a result, patients do not have to wear the trays for as long. This is how Glow Science Professional actively reduces the risk of sensitivity - one of the biggest drawbacks to traditional teeth whitening practices.  

How Often Should You Whiten Your Teeth With Trays?

Patients should whiten their teeth in office about one to two times per year. The At Home Treatment is to be used everyday for four days after their in office treatment is completed. Just like the in office treatment, the at home sessions include two 8-minute applications. For extreme yellowing or staining of teeth, patients may use the at home treatment for up to 10 days following their initial in office visit. 

For difficult tetracycline stains, two in office visits will be conducted followed by 14 days of at home treatments. 

Are Whitening Trays Covered By Insurance?

Dental teeth whitening trays are considered a cosmetic procedure intended for aesthetic purposes. Insurance typically only covers procedures that impact the health of your teeth, not their appearance. For that reason, most dental insurance policies will not cover the cost of whitening trays. That’s why it’s important to offer patients an affordable solution for teeth whitening trays. 

Are Led Whitening Mouthpieces Better Than Strips?

Professional chairside LED whitening mouthpieces are always going to produce the best results when compared with at-home strips. The gel used in Glo Pro Power+ will provide longer lasting results than strips alone. 

The light and heat produced in the closed system mouthpiece increases the capabilities of the whitening gel, thus creating additional whitening oxygens in less time. This allows for short 8 minute sessions, reducing overall risk of tooth sensitivity.

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last Using A Dentist Mouthpiece?

Everyone’s teeth and circumstances are slightly different but the general rule of thumb is that professional teeth whitening using a dentist mouthpiece will last anywhere from six months to three years. That’s why it is recommended to repeat the process one to two times per year, once a year. 

Can I Use Whitening Trays Every Day?

You would not want to, nor need to, use whitening trays every day. GLO Pro Power+ is used no more than two times in the office. In addition, the subsequent at-home kit is to be used for no more than 14 days in a row, and that is for the most extreme cases. Most patients will only need to use the at-home kit for four days in a row following their in-office teeth whitening mouthpiece treatment.  

How Fast Does Whitening With A Mouthpiece Work?

Patients will start to see results from our specially formulated GLO Pro Power+ immediately after their first in-office treatment. Results will improve from there if a second in-office treatment is required, as well as with the at-home kit provided. 

Do You Rinse Your Mouth After Using Whitening Trays?

Yes, it is important to thoroughly rinse your mouth after using teeth whitening trays. The goal is to remove any whitening gel left behind. While in the dentist chair, suction and water tools are used to remove and clean out any gel. At home, patients can rinse their mouth with lukewarm water. 

What Happens If You Leave Whitening Trays On Too Long?

It’s important to never leave your teeth whitening mouthpiece on for too long. Leaving whitening trays on for too long will strip enamel and could lead to extreme tooth sensitivity and even long term damage. 
This is yet another benefit of in office teeth whitening, a dentist knows best when it comes to protecting and preserving teeth. In addition, our specially formulated Glo Pro Power+ teeth whitening trays only need to be left on for eight minutes at a time. As a result, your patient’s risk of tooth sensitivity is significantly reduced.

Is The GLO Autoclavable Mouthpiece That Is Used For The In-Office Treatment The Same As The One Included In The Take Home Kit For The Patient To Use?

The heat & light technology inside both mouthpieces is identical but the mouthpiece used for the in-office treatment has a blue cord and can be sterilized in the autoclave. The mouthpiece included in the Take Home Kit has a white cord and is designed for use by one patient only. It can be cleaned in between uses by rinsing under warm water but should not be shared among multiple people.

Will The Light From The GLO Autoclavable Mouthpiece Tray Or GLO Control Device Affect Patients Skin?

No, there is no UV light in our products. The blue light in the GLO mouthpiece is safe, 470nm wavelength blue LED light.

Can The Heated GLO Autoclavable Mouthpiece Get Too Hot?

No, the GLO mouthpiece is controlled to gently warm to the optimal temperature for accelerated whitening without sensitivity. It never exceeds this gentle, optimal warm temperature.

Should Patients Bite Down On The Heated Led Light Mouthpiece While It Is In My Mouth?

Bite down gently so the mouthpiece stays in place, but don't clench. Let your lips and jaw relax. Light pressure on the platform between the teeth will ensure that the light and heat is surrounding the teeth, and the G.L.O. technology is working. Swallow as you normally do while whitening.

Can My Dental Patients Swallow While The Heated Mouthpiece Tray Is In Their Mouth?

Yes, swallow as you normally would while the mouthpiece is in your mouth.

How Does The Heat And Light In The In Office Autoclavable Mouthpiece Tray Work?

Light and heat in the closed system mouthpiece accelerates the reaction rate of the whitening gel, producing more whitening oxygens over a shorter period of time. This accelerated whitening keeps wear times short, at 8 minutes passes, with less chance of any sensitivity.

Is The GLO Autoclavable Heated Mouthpiece Tray Latex Free?

Yes, the GLO mouthpiece is latex free.
How do I clean the GLO mouthpiece?
Your regular GLO mouthpiece with the white cord is designed to be rinsed under water after use and allowed to dry. For the autoclavable mouthpiece used for in-office whitening, follow the instructions found here.

What Is The Best Teeth Whitening Gel For Heated In Office Trays?

The best teeth whitening gel for trays is one that contains hydrogen peroxide. At GLO Science Pro, we developed our formula with patient needs in mind and have created a gel that is effective for a wide variety of individuals. Our mouthpiece is more comfortable and easier to use than standard trays as well.



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