We all love a fresh start. A new year is a blank slate full of endless possibilities. A whole 365 days to improve, grow, and GLO.

Self-care habits were a hot topic in 2020, and continue to be for 2021. All the time spent at home and on up-close virtual calls caused people to reflect more deeply on the products and rituals relied on to look and feel their best. Ask anyone what their resolution is, and many will cite a focus on health as a top priority. However, only 4% of people keep these resolutions throughout the year… but not if we have anything to say about it!

Here at GLO, we have made it our mission to make it as easy as possible for people to achieve and maintain their goals, particularly when it comes to oral care. Whether it’s a whiter smile or healthier gums, our products are clinically proven to improve overall oral health and hopefully give everyone more reasons to smile in 2021.

New Year, New GLO

Providing innovative products backed by science for use in professional dental practices remains our core value. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our newest Pro White Platinum System. It’s everything you love about GLO Science Pro teeth whitening in a sleek, wireless new design.

Here are a few key features you’ll find in our latest, most advanced whitening device:

  • Guided Light Optics Smileware Technology uses heat and LED light to trap whitening formulations for faster results with NO sensitivity – now in a wireless mouthpiece.
  • Internal Reflectors bend and focus heat and light toward the tooth surface.
  • Fast and Easy Setup utilizes a two-hour charge time and vibration completion signal.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity to the GLO Whitening App keeps patients on track and in control of whitening results with easy scheduling and reminders.

Each Pro White Platinum kit includes 10 Professional Strength Teeth Whitening GLO Vials (for two complete 5-day treatments) and our lip care to soften and moisturize lips during treatment.

Make GLO Work for You

We understand how precious time is, especially in a period where daily operations might feel more challenging than ever. With GLO, it’s easy to meet patient demand in less time. With less chair time required, that means you and your team can book more patients – so you can still meet your production goals and increase revenue. Offering professional teeth whitening also helps increase patient compliance and encourages more frequent appointments.

Show Off Your GLO

We recognize that marketing and promoting teeth whitening can be tough to prioritize, which is why we’ve created our Success Starter Set. If you weren’t sure where or how to get started with marketing, the Success Starter Set makes it simple. It’s a turnkey solution for everything needed to integrate GLO seamlessly in your practice - and pays for itself in just two chairside treatments. Customizable templates you can easily download? We’ve got you covered. Social media images and inspiration to share with your followers? Yep, we have plenty!

Better Together

Whatever your practice goals are, we’d love to work with you to help you achieve them. With a 92% clinical evaluation approval from Dental Advisor, you can be confident GLO Science Pro will set up your office for a successful whitening program.

More smiles, more laughter, more advanced technology, so you can get back to business and focus on what’s most important – keeping your patients smiling and healthy. To see how GLO can elevate the patient experience in your practice, take a look around to learn about our full line of products as well as training, clinical studies, and more.

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