Dr. Zach Casagrande (Northern Virginia Orthodontics) - GLO Pro Whitening VIDEO!

"In our practice we always use the best of the best."

"Everyone who wants straight teeth, also wants white teeth. When patients come in and ask what else they can do to change the color of their teeth, the first thing we talk about is GLO."

"We did the procedure and it worked really, really well. Way less sensitivity, if any sensitivity - 90% of our patients don't feel a thing."

"GLO is my favorite thing to do on patients....since we've introduced GLO Science into the office, we get just as great results, if not better, with significantly less sensitivity." - Shannon, Clinical Assistant

"The whole process only takes 45 minutes to an hour so our chairtime is maximized....and most importantly, patients love it!"

"In an hour, you'll have a nice bright, pretty smile."