When patients come in for a routine check-up, there are common questions you may anticipate, such as “Do I have any cavities?” or “Can you tell the last time I flossed?” but one question that’s not being asked enough is, “How is my gum health, and what can I do to improve it?”

February is Gum Disease Awareness Month, but this is a topic that should be highlighted year-round, particularly when our country is still reeling in the aftermath of a global pandemic. If nothing else, Coronavirus symptoms and complications have brought to light just how overlooked the oral-systemic link is, and how imperative gum health is for one’s body to be well-equipped to fight infection. A 2020 study suggested that underlying gum disease may put COVID patients at a greater risk for respiratory failure and other complications from the virus. Gum disease has also been linked to other cardiovascular issues, diabetes, and even certain cancers.

“It is well-established that systemic inflammation is not only linked with periodontal disease but to several other respiratory diseases as well,” explains Dr. James Wilson, president of the American Academy of Periodontology. Up to half of all U.S. adults age 30 and older present some form of gum disease. That’s roughly 65 million people. You read that right – 65 MILLION, and yet this area of health rarely receives the attention it needs. Numbers like this drive home the importance of good oral care habits and maintenance for people of all ages. Prevention is vital, and the sooner patients start, the better results will be.

So, what can you as a dental professional do to help create a stronger sense of urgency around this issue?

Now, we’re not suggesting a slew of scare tactics to incite better preventative oral health care, but it is imperative patients know the impact that unhealthy gums can have on their health. Knowledge is power, after all. Encourage patients to reschedule that skipped check-up, try to schedule their next visit before they leave the office, and while they’re in your chair, if they can be given simple ways to prevent issues before they arise, that’s a win all around.

Of course, stressing the importance of twice a day brushing and flossing is a step in the right direction. So is balancing the mouth’s pH, which is a significant component of healthy teeth and gums. Have patients who swear by brushing with baking soda? Enlighten them on how far technology has come and offer them a better alternative, our ECO Balance.

ECO Balance is a 2017 Gold Edison Award Winner for innovation and is loved by clinicians and patients alike. The easy-to-use formula features antimicrobial hydrogen peroxide to gently whiten teeth, and is also antibiotic free, alcohol free, SLS free, triclosan free, and stain free.

Dr. Elena Guk of Lemoine, PA, says, “I have seen complete resolution of periodontal pockets, which is amazing. Patients are happy. Their gums stop bleeding. They stop having bad breath. Their mouth feels fresh. Eco Balance really works!” 

When layered on top of toothpaste twice a day, ECO has been clinically proven to reduce inflammation 8X better than brushing and flossing alone. Other benefits include:

  • Maintains a clean, healthy, and happy mouth
  • Reduces dental plaque and prevents decay
  • Soothes puffy and irritated gums
  • Resolves swelling in orthodontic patients
  • Fresh breath
  • Gently removes yellow stains on teeth
  • Easy to incorporate into home care routines

When used with the ECO Accelerator, which uses GLO warming heat and light to accelerate the ECO Balance formula, it increases contact time to penetrate all the hard-to-reach areas in the mouth, leading to an intense clean feeling and lasting gum health.

Providing teeth whitening services to patients gives more than just a beautiful smile. The products you offer your patients in-office are an essential step in helping them build awareness of the oral-systemic link and maintaining better oral care routines. With GLO, you can be confident they’ll see results that will encourage compliance and protect their overall health.


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