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  • The Greatest Myths About Whitening

    In the seven years since we revolutionized teeth whitening, we’ve heard some vastly uninformed myths about whitening. When it comes to procedure, l...
  • What You Need To Know AFTER You Get GLOing

    One of the biggest myths about professional teeth whitening is that it’s a “one and done” procedure. If only it was that easy! There is a maintenance regimen that patients must follow in order to achieve and maintain optimum results after each in-office procedure.
  • What Your Patients Need To Know About Their Oral pH

    As dental professionals, we regularly reinforce the importance of staying away from sugary, sticky, and acidic foods/beverages. It’s common knowled...
  • How Taking Motivational Shade During Each Visit Will Change Your Dental Practice

    A healthy, white smile starts in the hygiene room and it goes beyond x-rays, probing, and prophies. Tooth color is an essential part of a confident and healthy looking smile. Teeth tend to darken with age and as a result of lifestyle choices. That’s why GLO Science Professional has developed an easy, comfortable, and effective way for dental professionals to start a conversation about the importance of tooth color with patients at every hygiene visit.

  • How Professional Whitening Services Will Change Your Dental Practice

    What if we told you that offering professional whitening services would be a huge game changer for your patients and for your business?
  • Smile! Here are our GLO Featured Practice Contest Winners!

    Congratulations to our GLO Featured Practice Contest Winners! 
  • GLO Doubles Down on Teeth Whitening Deal For Hygienists

    GLO Science is giving dental hygienists the opportunity to get their hands on a GLO Science Professional Take Home Kit for their personal use at a significant discount.

  • Marketing tips that will help you grow your dental practice and make whitening easy!

    You’ve made a great decision to provide whitening in your practice, and now you’re ready to reinvigorate your patients’ smiles… but are you feeling a little confused about where to start?  Don’t worry – GLO is here to provide some tips that will help you grow your dental practice and make whitening easy!
  • GLO Releases the Professional Autoclavable Mouthpiece

    GLO is constantly looking for ways to make people smile more by making teeth whitening less painful and easier for the patient and practice alike. That's why GLO is thrilled to announce the release of its innovative new autoclavable mouthpiece for use in dental practices, which helps streamline chairside teeth whitening treatments.

    The new mouthpiece is fully autoclavable, and features the same patented heat and light acceleration technology as the original PRO mouthpiece. As a result, dental practices no longer need to provide each patient with a new mouthpiece, nor rely on cumbersome and time-consuming cold-sterilization techniques.

  • How Teeth Whitening Leads to Increased Treatment & Patient Satisfaction

    Just like X-rays and perio chart assessments, whitening should be viewed as another opportunity to connect with your patients. Performing a shade assessment with a patient is a helpful tool that allows you to monitor the health of their teeth over time. It gives you the opportunity to help patients understand how whitening works and it allows your patients to share their thoughts and questions about whitening, and for you to provide your professional feedback in an open discussion that feels natural and educational.
  • ProSites and GLO Science Launch New Partnership

    ProSites, an innovative dental website design and marketing company, has partnered with GLO Science, a leading provider of professional teeth whit...
  • GLO Professional Whitening Achieves a 92% Rating from Dental Advisor

    The GLO Pro Chairside Kit and GLO Pro Take-Home Kits, which were evaluated by 21 consultants, were regarded as the "complete kit." The study showed GLO Science ranked 67 percent better than competitors' products, and more than 80 percent of consultants said they would recommend the product. One clinician even commended the kit as "the most innovative and effective product I have seen in a long while."