Why Teeth Whitening is So Much More Than Just Cosmetic

Teeth whitening has become an extremely popular addition to the everyday grooming process. Yet for many, this easy and inexpensive dental procedure is seen as a “luxury,” causing hesitation when deciding whether or not to commit to the investment. It’s time to change this perception. 

Whitening is so much more than just a “cosmetic upgrade.” Here at GLO Science, we recognize a healthy smile as a critical piece of your overall well-being and offer a variety of products to meet each individual’s needs. 

So, the next time you have a patient in your office, share these ways that a whiter, brighter smile can improve much more than just the appearance of their teeth: 

  1. Teeth whitening can help with the anti-aging process - Why spend a great deal of time and money on various procedures to “turn back the clock” when all it takes is a simple dental office visit? Teeth whitening is one of the most affordable and accessible anti-aging treatments on the market. Studies have shown that a bright, white smile can make you look younger. How you might ask? Our teeth tend to darken as we age – on average we lose 2 shades every 10 years! So whiter teeth take years off your appearance. Also, when you have a beautiful, white smile, others tend to focus on that feature so they don’t see your wrinkles or frown lines, leading to an overall more youthful appearance.  
  1. Teeth whitening improves oral health - The investment in whitening often leaves patients paying more attention to their overall homecare and oral health. First, they’re more likely to keep up with a daily regimen of brushing and flossing. Furthermore, people who commit to teeth whitening want to maintain their new smiles by avoiding sugary and acidic foods. An added bonus? Sometimes a whitening consultation can lead to the detection of other oral health issues such as cavities or loose caps, which may have otherwise gone unnoticed. 
  1. Teeth whitening can improve mental health - Of course, it’s easy to see the physical benefits of a whiter and brighter smile, but what about improvements that can’t be seen on the surface? People who are confident with their smile will naturally smile more. This leads to a positive effect on self-esteem and confidence. In addition, this mood enhancement tends to encourage people toward more social engagements and interactions, boosting mood and overall well-being. Dr. Huda Al Jonaidy, of Ormond Beach, FL agrees. “The amazing transformation of someone’s demeanor and smile is one of the many reasons why I love GLO. It is truly amazing how it affects patients’ lives.”
  1. Teeth whitening can enhance professional performance - Just as a whiter smile can help in social situations, it can also help in a work environment. Does your patient have a big job interview coming up? A GLOing smile can help! Employers tend to see people who smile as trustworthy and dependable, leading to a greater chance of securing that job offer. It’s also applicable in other work situations such as salary negotiations and team meetings.  
  1. Teeth whitening has a positive correlation to overall physical health - Perhaps the most convincing point on our list, patients who opt for teeth whitening services tend to be healthier overall. Paying more attention to oral health trickles down into other areas. For example, bacteria found in the mouth can have adverse cardiovascular and digestive effects. Whiter (and healthier) teeth and the improved oral care that comes along with them can help prevent or improve certain health conditions caused by poor oral health.  

Here at GLO, we recognize that some patients may need a little more justification as to why they should invest in teeth whitening. By explaining some of these “hidden benefits,” we’re confident they’ll soon see that the return on their investment is much more than just cosmetic.