The Upside to Lockdown: Dentistry Is Experiencing A Video Conferencing Boom

For most people, the days of a 6 am wakeup, a commute into the office, and a morning team meeting are on pause. They’ve been replaced by a walk from the bedroom to the home office and a virtual meeting. During these calls, smiles are on display, and the faces of co-workers in that infamous Brady Bunch looking grid. Everyone wants their smiles to be “Zoom Ready.”

Cue the Zoom Conferencing BOOM!

Time is a luxurious commodity most people have not had enough of until now. And perhaps there is an upside to lockdown, more time to play, time to reflect, and time for self- improvement. People are spending more time in front of the mirror and have additional time to implement self-care routines. This has caused a massive boom in the purchase of teeth whitening products and procedures (and we’re not mad about it!).

Besides, who wants to look at a yellow smile staring back at them during a virtual call? Certainly not your patients. Luckily, GLO Science offers a variety of products to help patients achieve their whitening goals.

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons has recently reported a dramatic 70% increase in dentists and surgeons offering virtual consultations for these procedures. People are spending more time on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram so having a camera-ready smile is as important as ever. Not only are patients morphing their everyday realities into the virtual world, but more dentists are, too. They’re making it easier than ever to help dentists determine whether an in-office procedure is right for their patients.

While dental offices are saving time with virtual visits, GLO Science products have always been fast. The GLO Pro Chairside Whitening Treatment transforms teeth up to twelve shades whiter in under an hour! Patients may have more time on their hands, but nobody wants to waste it.

Many people have also seen an increase in disposable income. With entertainment and indoor dining venues limited, and people staying at home for precautionary measures, people find themselves with extra cash. Now is an excellent time for them to spend on things they may not have been able to afford or opted not to spend on before the pandemic. And who couldn’t use a little “pick me up” right now?

According to Declan Keene, of The Essex Smile Centre, most of his clients “are between 18 and 35, do not have children, and have saved up money by not going out much while social distancing measures were in place.”  This demographic is explicitly excited by easy, tech-savvy solutions that suit their dental needs. Patients will be interested to learn that GLO has proprietary teeth whitening technology that combines gentle warming heat and safe LED light in a closed system mouthpiece to accelerate results with optimal comfort.

Many practices rely on professional teeth whitening to help keep afloat during this time of decreased cleanings and wellness check-ups. Dental practices can benefit now more than ever from jumping on this growing trend in self-care. When patients are vested in better oral health routines, they are more likely to return for check-ups on time. That’s certainly a reason to smile!