Marketing tips that will help you grow your dental practice and make whitening easy!

You’ve made a great decision to provide whitening in your practice, and now you’re ready to reinvigorate your patients’ smiles… but are you feeling a little confused about where to start?  Don’t worry – GLO is here to provide some tips that will help you grow your dental practice and make whitening easy!


Create a Whitening Menu

Help increase patient acceptance of In-Office and Take Home Whitening by breaking down the pricing for each item and then presenting it as a package to display the value of Dual Whitening to your patients. Some practices display this in a hardback book, like a wine menu, and it works!


The “Fish Bowl Method” 

Here’s a great ‘suggestive selling’ tip that’s also super easy – just put a bowl in your waiting room with a sign that offers a prize for putting their business card or name in the bowl.  Pick one to two people quarterly or monthly and offer them a discount for dropping their name. Plus, the rest of the names in the bowl can now be contacted and offered a smaller discount than what the winners received!  This is a great way to fill your chairs when you have a last-minute cancelation! 


Monthly Specials

Remember, offering specials every month is very important.  Most people go to the dentist once every 6 months, so you need to make sure you’re offering something unique to all of your patients whenever they come in – and NOT just around holidays.


Easy as M-S-T!

Make sure you’re actively talking to your patients about whitening! Open the whitening conversation easily with GLO’s Motivational Shade Taking (M.S.T.) technique, and get patients excited about the results they can achieve with ZERO rebound. If you actively promote whitening in your practice, you can easily increase your whitening volume from two or three cases a month to an average of one a day. Plus, whitening patients will be your best patients! Patients who whiten are more likely to comply with home care, keep appointments and become esthetically aware.  


Check out our checklist of tips and tools to help make whitening a core element of your practice success:

  • Start with a shade guide and incorporate MST
  • Make it affordable
  • Make it convenient
  • Market outside of the practice:  Make sure your Social Media & website are up to date
  • Designate a whitening champion
  • Create a menu of whitening services
  • Be honest
  • Set realistic expectations


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