How Taking Motivational Shade During Each Visit Will Change Your Dental Practice

Don’t Like Selling Services? Motivational Shade Speaks For Itself

A healthy, white smile starts in the hygiene room and it goes beyond x-rays, probing, and prophies. Tooth color is an essential part of a confident and healthy looking smile. Teeth tend to darken with age and as a result of lifestyle choices. That’s why GLO Science Professional has developed an easy, comfortable, and effective way for dental professionals to start a conversation about the importance of tooth color with patients at every hygiene visit.

The technique is called “Motivational Shade Taking” and it provides a great starting point to open a dialogue about smile transformation, enabling patients to envision their own smile potential. It turns each person into an aesthetic dental patient!

Taking Motivational Shade is easy! It can be seamlessly incorporated into every hygiene visit, and takes just a couple of minutes in five simple steps. Here’s how:

  1. Introduction- Make your patient comfortable, and let them know that at every visit, you’re going to be measuring the color of their teeth as a part of their exam. This will help you track changes over time and assess the health of their enamel.
  2. Shade Identification- Hand the patient a mirror and position yourself behind them so you can both look into the mirror. Use the GLO VITA Shade Guide (which is arranged from light to dark) to identify the patient’s current shade, and then ask them to point to which shade they’d like their smile to be. Don’t forget to document both the initial shade, and their end goal for a reliable reference.
  3. Take Photos– Document their starting shade, especially before any whitening treatment begins. Make sure to take a series of before and after photos to record your patient’s smile transformation. We recommend a full-face natural smile shot, one with retractors, as well as a series with the starting shade guide tab.
  4. Get GLOing- Educate your patient about GLO teeth whitening and get GLOing! GLO Science Professional Dual Whitening technology combines heat and light with a closed system mouthpiece that activates the whitening gel. It whitens in under an hour; typically requiring three to four applications which last eight minutes each.
  5. After Treatment– Equip your patient with a maintenance plan and the tools to maintain their white smile at home, between office visits! Whitening is never permanent and requires regular touch ups and full treatments. For most patients, we recommend an in-office whitening treatment or touch up every six months combined with monthly one day maintenance sessions at home.

Whitening is just the beginning of a GLOing smile transformation. Patients with whiter teeth are better patients all around! They take better care of their teeth and come in for scheduled routine visits on time. Motivational Shade Taking at each visit keeps patients excited and involved in their dental health. When it comes down to it, practices that GLO, grow!

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