Clinical Results: Efficacy
5 shades whiter

Patients achieve an average
of 5 tooth shades whiter.*
* Clinical study performed by Hatice Hasturk, DDS, Ph.D. and Thomas Van Dyke D.D.S., Ph.D., University Health Resources

Clinical Results: Sensitivity
No sensitivity!

0% of the patients that used the GLO Science whitening system experienced painful "zingers" commonly associated with other professional teeth whitening procedures.*

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Dr. Testimonials

"Our practice has always stayed abreast of changes in technology that make the dental experience better for our patients. The in-office professional whitening is the fastest we've seen, gets incredible results and does so without sensitivity unlike other products on the market. Our patients love it!"

- Rod W. Gore, DDS

“When I heard about GLO Science and the technology with the promise of little to no sensitivity, I knew I had to try it for myself. The lack of sensitivity and the speed in which it was done was amazing and the results were astounding. Our patients are loving the results, and sharing their stories! Thanks GLO!! You've made my smile beautiful and it's so much fun to share the GLO products with our patients!!”

- Inga Masters, Dr. Brannon Reed, DDS

“GLO Science Professional is absolutely brilliant! Results are great and looks are cutting edge, sleek and attractive.”

- R Hakimi-Monas, DDS
New York, NY

“I’ve always been ambivalent about the zoom in office bleaching procedures. It can be very effective but sensitivity issues and the unpredictability of the result make the cost/ benefit rather thin. There is now a new professional bleaching procedure called GLO Science. It was developed by my friend and colleague Dr. Jonathan Levine who worked diligently with me for many years as we taught the yearlong postdoctoral Advanced Aesthetics program at NYU. GLO Science is not perfect, but it is a far more perfect solution to the problem of in- office professional dental bleaching than any procedure we have even had before.”

- Dr. Beldangea
New York NY

“The response from patients has been overwhelmingly positive. GLO Whitening is the latest and greatest whitening product on the market. It's best features are user friendliness and "NO SENSITIVITY! WE LOVE TO GLO!”

- Dr. Monique Mabry
Newton, MA

“We love GLO in office & take home whitening and our patients love the sensitivity free results.This brilliant new technology is fast, user friendly, and very affordable. We recommend GLO highly, ask for it by name!"

- E.W. Amurgis DMD
Pittsburgh, PA

“GLO does what it promises; it delivers reliable results and an average of 3-5 shades lighter. I found that unlike most whiteners in the market, this is the first one that all my patients had NO sensitivity during and after the treatment.

The innovation of having a personal GLO light device for each patient, makes GLO unique. The packaging is outstanding…. it’s the “apple” of whitening. We don’t usually see a lot of originality behind the development of over the counter whitening products, but GLO certainly beats all the standards.”

- Dr. Sandra Garcia Martin
Bow Lane Dental Group, UK